Olathe School Board drops mask mandate for High School Students

Along with De Soto School Board earlier this year, the Olathe board unanimously voted to allow mask choice in high school for students.  It’s a sign that the board is starting to listen to the community as well as the science.  Full story can be found here:

Story by KMBC Kansas City


The Olathe school board voted Thursday to make masks optional for high school students and staff.

The new mask policy, which was unanimously approved, begins Nov. 29.

It only applies to the high school level. Masks are still required at elementary and middle schools because of Johnson County’s mask mandate.

Masking will be optional for high schools as long as each school’s percentage of combined isolations and quarantines remains less than 4% of enrollment, or the school’s absentee rate stays below 7%.

Masking would become mandatory for at least two weeks in a high school building if either the percentage of isolations/quarantines or building absenteeism goes higher than those percentages, according to a district spokeswoman.

Optional masking at a high school may be resumed once those levels maintain below the designated levels for two weeks.

Once the county mandate has been lifted, masking optional protocols will be used for all levels.

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